Raspberry Harvest

Raspberry Harvest

It happened, after a slow start because of the colder winter, and a sneaky attack from the neighbours’ electrical shears. But raspberry peak is here right now! I’m harvesting about ½ kilo of raspberry a day and that from only one bush. In the supermarket you pay €2 or more for 100gr of these!

Some of them we freeze in waiting for making jam (usually together with the red currants that will ripen slightly later, and some strawberries that escaped the strawberry eating frenzy in may.) The rest gets eaten either straight from the three or with some ice-cream.  Sometimes we even get some extra protein from the raspberry worm.

There aren’t any real difficulties growing raspberries, they grow like crazy, shooting up in your garden meters away from your original plant. If you leave be them be you’ll have your whole garden full of them.  Raspberries are über-healthy, they contain lots of vitamin C,  see wikipedia here for some of the benefits!