I’ve bought the book a while ago and didn’t really find time to read it until now.

The book handles a large variety of lost, or at least “endangered” crafts that are largely replaced by machinery or plastics, and usually both. Some of the crafts featured are cow milking, spoon carving, coppicing, coopering, basketry and smiting.
It typically talks about a craft for 3 pages supported by photo material. Your not going to learn any craft from this book fully, but that is not its purpose.

Its purpose is to let you discover some crafts that you wont see much or are unknown to a large part of the population. And that purpose is met, and very well too.
Obviously a craft like smiting cannot be truly described in a couple of pages but for every craft there are one or more web links. The links are usually pointing the a worshipful company of some sort. For example this one of the worshipful company of farriers, the guild for people that put on horses shoes and exist since 1356! From there you can get more information.

Since this book has short stories about every craft it is ideal if you have a 3 year old running around.

Here is the link to amazon.