Finally Ray Mears is back, after a year or two silence there is a new series. Well it is out on BBC2. For the occasion I dusted off the television and put an extra cushion on the couch.

Ray Mears is visiting the boreal forest or taiga in Canada for 6 x 1 hour programmes. I might be a bit biased as a Ray Mears fanboy  but I thought it was a very good programme, the filming was stunning. And all thou  Ray has made hours and hours of television on bushcraft and living in the wild, he never stops surprising. It is almost like nature.

This programme features a first nations woman making decorations out of birchbark using her teeth only.  I’m going to try If I can make some myself but the birchbark in the Netherlands is might be too thin, the warmer the climate the thinner de bark. Results will be posted.

For those that live in the UK you can watch it here on the Iplayer. Else you have to wait for the discovery channel.

The next episode is on Sunday 1 november at 20:00 GMT on BBC2


“Bushcraft is what you carry in your mind and your muscles.” – Ray Mears