Today I made this bread, this one didn’t only taste well it also looks nice rugged and home made. Usually the bread comes out much uglier.


  • 800 grams of spelt flour.
  • 600 ml water.
  • some salt.
  • spoon of yeast.
  • some seeds to go on top.
  • 10 minutes work and an hour of two time before you actually need the bread

Knead the mixture well. I usually use lukewarm water, to give the yeast a kick-start. I let it rest under a towel until I am sufficiently pleased with the work of the yeast usually 1 to 2 hours. Than I slightly knead again and shape the bread and put it in the oven on 200°C. It takes around 15 minutes to bake it, I test if it is done by stabbing it with a knife, if it comes out clean, the bread is done. Another way is testing it by knocking on the bottom, when it sounds hollow the bread is done. You’ll do that only once and then you will stick to the knife test method.