I had a go at knife making, I promised a couple of knives as presents but, I still had to try if I could actually make one. Well this is prototype 1. The blade is a Sami type, the handle is oak leftover from making a table, antler from a caribou and some leather.

I made the handle puukko style, a  tool for cutting food, wood, leather, hunting and fishing.  The knife lacks the hand protection that you see on many other knives. That protection is ment to keep your hands from sliding down the edge and thus hurting yourself. However this is a working knife not a stabbing knife. The guard would be pointless. I even think that the guard is in the way when carving wood.

Grip on the handle is maintained by the oval shape of the handle. The thick part sits in the palm and the thin part is grabbed by your fingers.  You can also see that same shape on my woodcarving knife here. It works very well, you have more flexibility how to hold the knife and you can push the knife with your wrist.