I’ve travelled to Argentina to meet up with my wife and son who have been here for a couple of weeks already. I arrived just before new year and so I had the joy off spending it in shorts instead of a big warm woollen pullover. So right now instead of in cold and rain I’m in warm and windy Patagonia near the coast.

I couldn’t wait to taste Argentinian food again and then especially the meat where you can taste that the animal has roamed over fields stretching as far as you can see instead of a cubicle the size of a shoebox. On the picture is the way to prepare cordero Patagónico, it is prepared by my brother in law who is in my opinion the best. It takes 4 – 5 hours the waiting is made pleasant by having some wine and cheese.

To think that 1 week ago I was in the Ardennen (belgium) doing winter bushcraft at -20°C. Where cooking had its own challenges, the top of the pan would freeze while the bottom would burn.

Well Happy new year, I’m going to swim.