Past week I’ve been working on this leather project. Altough not my first leather piece, I’ve made knife sheaths and some small bags, but nothing of this scale.

The bag is made out of something we call “tuigleer” in Dutch, it is cow leather that would be used to make straps and saddles, it is around 4mm thick and extremely sturdy and tough. I used strong greased cotton thread.

It is meant to be the valentine gift for Mariana.

Obviously when you are doing this for the first time you are going to make some a lot of mistakes and it has been very instructive. I’ve experienced the things that you will not learn from a book. I know now that the next bag I’m going to make is going to take me 1/4 of the time and is going to require a lot less swearing. I think this one took me around 40 hours, maybe even more.

I think the three most important things I’ve learned from this project are.

  1. Make a full layout drawing of the bag and all its parts including the holes for the stitches.
  2. Decide how and where to put  the magnet clasp beforehand.
  3. Us “something” like a thimble to protect your hands while stitching. Really do so, I’m serious.

With all its little imperfections and mistakes I’m still pleased with the result.

I would like to know a little more about the craft so I’m looking for a good book about leather working. If any body knows a good website or book I would really like to hear of it.

And here is the flat pack image of the parts.