I acquired these three draw knives via the Dutch version of e-bay. I’m normally not a big fan of buying unseen second hand tool via the internet, but these where just too much of a bargain. The top one in the image is a bark peeling drawknife, the other two are carving drawknives. The top one was in the best shape, I just had to put two new handles and a bit of sharpening and it is good to go. I really like the old handles on the middle one, but the edge is blunt and uneven. The bottom one is in worst shape, the edge is very bad and the handles are pretty horrid too.

The bottom two need a completely new edge, it is terribly mistreated . The edge angle is uneven, has pits and  is worn away in the middle much more then elsewhere. Also it has some damage, probably from falling. I started grinding a rough new edge on them today but it is going to take me some time to restore these to their former glory. I think that it is worth the effort, it is 3 good tools rescued from rusting away. But it will be a long time until they are going to be used on the shaving horse.