May 2010

The first couple of walls have been cladded with larch (larix ) planks, somehow I imagined this job to go lots faster. It looks pretty straight forward. Grab a plak, saw of the ends and put it on. But it turned out to be a job where you can’t have enough hands.

Later these planks will be painted with Falu rödfärg , most probably red, but we are not entirely sure about that. We’ll see.
The advantage of using this type paint is that I don’t have to prime, sand or shave the planks. Which basically saves me lots of time.  I especially dislike sanding I hate the dust, but that I did not consider while choosing the paint type :-).  Another advantage is the limited amount of available colours it is red, light red, black and grey, this saves a lot of discussion about the choice of colour.


As you can see the main framework is done. Now I’m going to put larch planks, that still have to have their own little support frame. The larch planks should have arrived today but somehow the delivery got mixed up their are coming tomorrow with 250 meters off larch.

I got distracted with our other project, the edible garden, we already planted trees in the beginning of the year, now we have removed the grass and put a fence so the dog does not run all over the place. This is only half of the edible garden, the other half is on the other side, I need to make some pictures of that later.
Seba is playing hide and seek and Olaf is enjoying some leftovers from the atelier.