July 2010

Yesterday we picked up the 2 chickens, it ended up being 4 chickens with one where the femininity is disputed (the middle one of these three). The race is called Barnevelder, but we didn’t really got them because of a specific race. Barnevelders lay lots of eggs an if everything goes right we should have the first eggs in oktober.

In the mean time the chickens are busy eating, scratching an pooping, fertilizing the soil and helping us get rid of the weeds and food waste.

Seba is really happy with them, he keeps looking at them and feeding them. The dog however is not at all pleased.


Tomorrow we get two chickens, who are going to be our gardeners. Also they have to take care of leftover food and produce an egg or two in the mean time. Mrs wife is not completly conviced about this project, but Sebastián can’t wat until the chickens arrive.

This is the arc we made for them, it is also called a chicken tractor. The Idea is that every couple of days we place the arc at a new spot so they can eat, scratch the soil and poo throughout the garden. Leaving me more time to lay in the hammock, which is something I have not done much this year.

I’ve made the arc using leftover wood from the atelier and a couple of old window frames. Most of the parts are recycled or just thing that I allready had laying aroud gathering dust.

Note the retractable ramp so the chickens are safe at night, I can pull a string on the side and the ramp goes up.

Last few weeks have been very busy, Seba’s birthday, several other projects, the garden, very warm weather. But I finally managed to put the plants on the roof. It took me a couple of days preparation, the planting itself took place in one day. Which wasn’t a very pleasant day, it was 34ºC, standing on a black foil, putting black soil. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated more.

But it looks really good, I’m very pleased with it. The pictures don’t do it right, it looks much prettier in real life. I’m going to try to make some better pictures from above tomorrow.

The roof is made with 500 sedum plants, 600 liters of soil, and 300 kg of stones.

And right after puting all of this on the roof it was put to the test with a 100km/h rainstorm. And to my suprise it survived it. Unlike the roof of our house which is missing 2 tiles and has at least 8 broken tiles, and also some of the fences around the hous flew away. I was a bit nervous about the storm because the sedum stil has to get roots to bind te earth, but all went well.