Our new organic de-weeding units perform very well, they eat almost everything. They seem to have a preference for rotten fruits and dandelion, which is good we have lots of that. They also really liked rotten tomatoes. It became more fun to de-weed. Everything you pull out becomes a play, will it be eaten or not and with what amount of enthusiasm. And most of the time it will be eaten. For the maximum amount of excitement and running about, I throw in some snails in the coop.

Here is the business end of the de-weeder.

Doing very well too are the poppies, we have had tons of flowers, and now we have tons of seed pods. Not only we can get opium (biological!) from the seed-pots, which is nice,  but we can also use the seeds for baking and poppyseed oil. These large amount of poppies do attract some unwanted visitors tough.

Unwanted visitors.