If you consider that I don’t really like painting too much, one might wonder how the decision to make a wooden house came to be. On the other hand it really starts coming together now. The window frames are in, and painted at least one hand, they’ll need a third one but that is more cosmetic then necessary. We painted  the wall in the back rodfarg red and the other walls still need to be painted. Plumbing and electrics are done except for the wall sockets. Also I’ve insulated the floor and put planks on top.

Remaining work is; insulating and plasterboard putting, plastering (not looking forward), wall sockets, floor painting, painting the outside. Ooooh very important, I still need to put the glass in the windows, very nice in winter. And then last, install the heating, a small swedish woodburning stove, which will also heat up our tent when we go winter camping.

Pffff, better get back too work….