Nope, this is not for eating, this concoction is a mix of several plant dyes.  As far as I know it contains madder, woad and meekrap . Sorry about that, it contained only madder, and the copper of the kettle. Mariana wanted to dye some wool and experiment a bit.  Seba and I volunteered making a fire in the garden, fire and boys is always a winning combination. We smelled pretty smoked.

We also managed to paint the front of the atelier, welcome in Sweden. The red rotfarg paint works very well, it goes straight on the boards, without sanding, you only have to take the sand of a bit.  The walls inside are plastered they just needs to be painted (and cleaned). Some of the windows have been put. Things are moving forward. I hope that everything is done before the end of october. There is also a lot of garden work coming up, I need to do lots of pruning on the fruit and nut trees around our house.

The is also some harvesting to be done, these brussels sprouts are almost there.