We decided to take a few days off, Seba was free from school, I took a couple of days off and Mariana promised to not touch any wool for four days. We did not want to go too far away, and the only thing we really wanted to do is walk in the woods. So we went to Sauerland in Germany. Sauerland is an rural area in the east of Nord-Rhein-Westphalen, it has some hills but it is low enough to have deciduous forests. The weather is always great if you don’t mind rain, wind and cold. The specific town where we went was Heringhausen on the shore of the Diemelsee, a lake formed by the Diemeldam. The Diemeldam is made as a hydroelectric plant in 1924.

The woods around the Diemelsee have mainly beech and oak trees (also larch and pine) and we came just in the right moment, when the leaves started to turn yellow and brown.

Seba and I checking the map, making sure we where going the right direction.

These are some examples of timber-framed houses in Korbach, worth a visit if you like timer-framed houses. The houses in Korbach are richly decorated and painted in many colours something I haven’t really seen before in this form, it is also unique in the region. Lots of woodcarving in the posts and text engraved over the doorways.

Also typical for Sauerland is the slate covering of roofs, walls and sometimes complete houses. Very often the rain side of the houses is covered in slate.