Lowtechmagazine always has very intresting content, and now they featured a link to 1.400 hand coloured glass lantern pictures. Taken by Walter McClintock from 1896 till 1912. Walter McClintock befriended a Blackfood guide during an expedition to photograph the national forests. When that commision was done he was introduced to the blackfeet indians by the Guide. Protected by the Blackfoot elder Mad Wolf McClinton made thousands picturesin 20 years.  Displayed is the life of the Blackfoot Native Americans in Montana.   

Walter McClintock thought, and sadly he was right, that the Native Americans where undergoing great changes. Changes so great that their culture and traditions might vanish. These pictures give us a rare look into the blackfoot community in the beginning of the 20th century. It maybe a  idealized look, alltough Walter says that the pictures are not posed. Critics say “McClintock’s cameras selectively scanned the Montana landscape to create a window into Blackfeet life as he imagined it to have existed during the nineteenth century. He shows these people as they might have appeared during a romantic heyday, when buffalo were plentiful and young men earned names for themselves while battling tribal enemies.”

However McClintock’s photographs, biased or not, are very impressive. The last picture is McClintock himself.