I wanted to enjoy the snow a bit before it is gone again, it is already thawing. Going to the woods in winter has its advantages, there is plenty clean drinking water, it is really easy to track animals and there is nobody else. The only disadvantage is that I need to take my old military sleeping bag. I am not a big fan of military gear, but nothing beats the low price of that sleeping bag. It keeps me warm but weighs a ton and takes up all the space in my backpack.

It was sunny and dry, but still cold enough for the snow to stay a little bit. I went to an aera called the Chaamse Bossen (Forest of Chaam). Located in those woods are 4 or 5 pole camp-sites (paalkamperen dutch link). At these sites you can stay for maximum 72 hours and there can only be 3 tents around a pole. There are no facilities except a water pump. This is the closest (legal) way you can get to camping in the wild.

I put up the tarp, made camp and collected firewood, which was all very wet. So making the fire was a bit harder then normally. But then I could melt snow and cook. At night I let it go off because it was to much hassle to keep it going with all that wet wood. There was some shooting going on in the evening, either early new year or the hunting season.

At night it froze a couple of degrees, there was some water on the tarp that froze. As usually I took my shoes off, my clother off, got comfortable in my sleeping bag, closed my eyes and discovered that I need to pee. During the night a mouse tried to get into my backpack to steal some food. I heard it and the saw it walking on top of my backpack.

Tracking was great, the tracks where easy to follow. I’ve found tracks of deer, roe deer, foxes and Martens. I saw a couple of deer and some roe deer. I didn’t take any pictures because I was to slow with changing lenses. I’ve been looking for a fox but they where all hiding too well.

This track I can’t Identify yet, wonder what happened here.