Seba and I went camping! We went together to the midwintercamp in the veluwe. Mariana was not feeling well  and stayed home. Nothing is worse than feeling bad laying in a tent far away from toilet and other comforts. So it was father and son time.

The Midwintercamp is organised by Peter Qvist from Qvist Outdoor Cooking, there are activities organised by several other people. One of them is Jan Harm ter Brugge from hout van bomen who I’ve really wanted to meet for some time, but I never got around. Jan Harm is one of the few (actually I think the only one) that carves nice spoons in the Netherlands.

Seba and I arrived friday just after midday at the campsite. Papa had to go and put up the tent and Seba helped unpacking the car and put together the central pole. We stole the stove from Marianas atelier so we would stay warm and make a cup of coffee.

Seba decided that he wanted to go play and left me alone dealing with the tent.

Al the activities where on Saturday, they are mostly camping and food related. You could prepare a wild boar, pig roast, bake bread in a dutch oven, have some guided tours around the veluwe and carve spoons.Needless to say I carved spoons, while keeping a hungry eye on the food preparation. It was very good to see a spoon carver in action, my knowledge comes from books and the internet only and it is much more instructive to see things in vivo. When one is able to hold a spoon in your hands the proportions and relations of the handle and the cup are easier to see then on a picture.  And I had the chance to see some other tools from gransfors, djarv and karlson.

Seba made freinds and did the activity “getting dirty” in the woods. Followed by getting sand in your shoes and the filling up your hat with pine needles.

Here is the only picture of me, Seba took it. I had to cut off the ford KA on the side, it did not look wild enough. Also it would not work well when Seba is explaining to his sceptical mother that we “need” a “sjeep-auto”.

At night we ate wild boar, pig and deer. Obviously the food was too late, according to Seba who was very hungry.