It’s been a bit busy around, busy at work, busy in the garden, busy in general. Things are quieting a bit down now and I took the chance of repairing my racing bike. It is a aluminium giant TCR from 1998 custom build. It has an Ultegra 6500 group that still runs as if it was new.  I don’t know exactly how may kilometres it made but it has been the world around once or twice.

The frame has lots of scratches and bumps. Since it is aluminium it does not really need paint. But the frame looks just too wasted after 13 years of abuse.

Here is the original dirty frame I’m still taking things apart.

A very nasty looking rear dérailleur. Did I tell you that I don’t really mind bad weather. It is amazing that it takes the amount of sand and mud that I manage to put on it.

Cleaned and ready to put back.

And here it is, looking brand new. Going for a test ride now. Better take the allen wrench with me, just to be sure.