A couple of days ago we came back from our holiday in Austria. After fixing up the kitchen I kind of needed a week away from it all. We stayed in a hotel (some luxury for the pregnant lady) in the Salzburg province, in a village called Hintherthal.

We did some hiking and visited Salzburg, Hohes Werfen (castle) and the gorge of Liechtenstein.

One day I decided to climb the Hochköning (2940m) to bad it was also the day with the most appalling weather.

Here are some pictures of the Hochköning climb.

The other days I stayed lower just on the edge of the forest and alp meadow. It is a lot friendlier there. 

Here is a Horminium pyreneicum (i think, not a specialist)

The butterflies really like my pants.

There is a very good reason why there is so much water in te streams.