Oh, I have to write something on a “about me” page, well there is always the possibility of removing the page.

I live in the South of the Netherlands in a tiny province called Limburg. It is about the size of a small cattle ranch in Argentina. Instead of the 30.000 heads of cows that live there, about 1 million people live in the same territory here. Most of those people live in the cities, Maastricht (well know for the “treaty of Maastricht” and being the oldest city in the Netherlands.), Heerlen, Sittard, Venlo & Roermond. The rest live in villages of various sizes. We live in a small one called Susteren.

Limburg is famous for its beer, carnaval and good food. According to my wife however it is “slightly better food” than the awful stuff in the rest of the country.

As you might have noticed my wife is not from the Netherlands but from Argentina. We have a son that is 3 years old, that loves mud, water, cars and dirt. We also have a dog that loves mud, water and dirt. He hates cars.

I try to lead a life that makes me less dependant on… well everything, government, money, shops, etc. Especially the government part is hard to ignore, when I look at our house holding a screwdriver, I have to go fill a form to ask for a building permit. Our house was built in the 1950’s. It is situated on the edge of Susteren. There is a field with horses and then woods, nothing big, couple of trees, rabbit, roe deer and lately wild boar. We fixed our house up to make it a bit more energy efficient by insulating it.

We also have a vegetable patch that provides vegetables for most of the year as well as some tinctorial plants for my wife’s work; and we are busy making a forest garden.

As for my interests there are a great many.

  • Greenwood working, making knives and other tools, leather working.
  • Bushcraft, camping and being in the outdoors.
  • Gardening, Forest gardening, permaculture and Agriculture.
  • Cooking and good food.
  • History, geography  and Archaeology.
  • Technology, space, I’m a ubergeek linux user.
  • The Environment without that all of the above is impossible.

Influential people on my thinking and acting.

  • My Son
  • My Wife
  • Ray Mears
  • Sep Holzer
  • there are a lot more but i’ll expand this list later.

One Response to “About”

  1. roger Says:

    hi eric i was born in maastricht my self in 1959,i now live in cheshire england sins 1979.lots of countryside here for my hunting, fishing,bushcraft,woodcraft.
    thank you for your great site.keep your eye on the old country ,never been back,maybe one day. hoi roger.

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