It’s been a bit busy around, busy at work, busy in the garden, busy in general. Things are quieting a bit down now and I took the chance of repairing my racing bike. It is a aluminium giant TCR from 1998 custom build. It has an Ultegra 6500 group that still runs as if it was new.  I don’t know exactly how may kilometres it made but it has been the world around once or twice.

The frame has lots of scratches and bumps. Since it is aluminium it does not really need paint. But the frame looks just too wasted after 13 years of abuse.

Here is the original dirty frame I’m still taking things apart.

A very nasty looking rear dérailleur. Did I tell you that I don’t really mind bad weather. It is amazing that it takes the amount of sand and mud that I manage to put on it.

Cleaned and ready to put back.

And here it is, looking brand new. Going for a test ride now. Better take the allen wrench with me, just to be sure.



Yesterday I biked the 6000th kilometer going up and down to work, 42 km a day. According to some calculations I avoided the creation 1223 kg of CO2, I burned 407 mj of energy (that is 11 kilos of fat or 24 kilos of carbohydrates). I didn’t use 465 liters of car fuel, for the economists among us that is €651.

Except for the obvious health and environmental considerations I bike because it is good fun and it makes me feel closer to nature, the seasons and unwillingly: the road. I bike all year round summer, winter, -16ºC and snow, I know for sure that my wife thinks I’m crazy, but I have the sneaky suspicion that our dog thinks so too.

This is a Lanz Bulldog, a well known type of tractor from before and until just after WWII, it is a 1 cylinder diesel engine with a flywheel. It could not only run on diesel but also on petrol and other cheaper and dirtier fuels.

Lanz Bulldog

Before the introduction of tractors like this German beast, there where lots of other transport types, also ones that where a lot more silent. Like these pulling horses, one of them has an alternative way of harvesting.


For those with less money there is another option, this dog cart. These dogs are specially bred for the purpose, this is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Dog carts are nowadays forbidden in the Netherlands, only exceptions are made for demonstration purposes.


Dogs where not only used buy farmers, De Dutch Post used dog carts for small package delivery until 1922. During the call to arms in WWI the dutch army had around 1200 pulling dogs in voluntary service. They where used for pulling Automatic gun carts, munition carts and tool carts. On the picture you see the only automatic gun of the Dutch army then, it is still in use but now pulled by a bike because of the dog law.


Not only dog where used but also goats, this particular one is very chic though.

four goat drive

In the end, nothing is better and muscle power, looks like a normal bike….


But I’ve never seen this before….

plow bike

If anybody has more info about this bike, I’d like to hear.

Most of the pictures are taken at “oude ambachten in Einighausen Limburg”