Sebastián and I went looking for fossils today in the marlstone Quarry ‘t Rooth in the little village Bemelen in South Limburg.
The Quarry is part nature reserve and part used as a resource for marlstone wich is used for the restoration of buildings and statues.

A couple of days ago we came back from our holiday in Austria. After fixing up the kitchen I kind of needed a week away from it all. We stayed in a hotel (some luxury for the pregnant lady) in the Salzburg province, in a village called Hintherthal.

We did some hiking and visited Salzburg, Hohes Werfen (castle) and the gorge of Liechtenstein.

One day I decided to climb the Hochköning (2940m) to bad it was also the day with the most appalling weather.

Here are some pictures of the Hochköning climb.

The other days I stayed lower just on the edge of the forest and alp meadow. It is a lot friendlier there. 

Here is a Horminium pyreneicum (i think, not a specialist)

The butterflies really like my pants.

There is a very good reason why there is so much water in te streams.

I spend the morning doing the first garden garden maintenance this year. I don´t really like working in the garden when the soil is too wet, it sticks to much. I’ve picked up some weeds and made it a bit ready for spring to come.  I noticed some of the plants coming to life. In the warmer parts of the garden the roses where getting leaves all ready. And here are few of the crocus bulbs popping up.

And here is are some yellow ones. Personally I like the purple ones better.

Rubarb is also one of the earliest plants, when the leaves are still folded they look like little green brains.

And here is our rooster, he has been working on the vegetable patch eating weeds and worms. Having the time of their life now that the can run around free. Soon they´ll have to be locked up, when the seeds go into the ground.

Unusual for the time of the year, at least here, we where surprised with some snow. And not the normal half melted wet slush, no! no! real snow, with nice crystals. I could not stay  indoors, and I went out to the woods for a couple of hours. Great macro weather!

I didn’t even leave the garden for this one.

This one turned out nicely

The berries from a couple of weeks ago where still there,  now they got decorated with snow.  I still haven’t found out what kind they are but they must be toxic since nothing seems to eat them.

Last little bit of colour

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The woods are becoming much less colourful, brown and moss green. These berries are the last dots of colour.

We decided to take a few days off, Seba was free from school, I took a couple of days off and Mariana promised to not touch any wool for four days. We did not want to go too far away, and the only thing we really wanted to do is walk in the woods. So we went to Sauerland in Germany. Sauerland is an rural area in the east of Nord-Rhein-Westphalen, it has some hills but it is low enough to have deciduous forests. The weather is always great if you don’t mind rain, wind and cold. The specific town where we went was Heringhausen on the shore of the Diemelsee, a lake formed by the Diemeldam. The Diemeldam is made as a hydroelectric plant in 1924.

The woods around the Diemelsee have mainly beech and oak trees (also larch and pine) and we came just in the right moment, when the leaves started to turn yellow and brown.

Seba and I checking the map, making sure we where going the right direction.

These are some examples of timber-framed houses in Korbach, worth a visit if you like timer-framed houses. The houses in Korbach are richly decorated and painted in many colours something I haven’t really seen before in this form, it is also unique in the region. Lots of woodcarving in the posts and text engraved over the doorways.

Also typical for Sauerland is the slate covering of roofs, walls and sometimes complete houses. Very often the rain side of the houses is covered in slate.

Here is  a nice video with Ray Mears giving a lecture for the University of Liverpool.

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