I spend the morning doing the first garden garden maintenance this year. I don´t really like working in the garden when the soil is too wet, it sticks to much. I’ve picked up some weeds and made it a bit ready for spring to come.  I noticed some of the plants coming to life. In the warmer parts of the garden the roses where getting leaves all ready. And here are few of the crocus bulbs popping up.

And here is are some yellow ones. Personally I like the purple ones better.

Rubarb is also one of the earliest plants, when the leaves are still folded they look like little green brains.

And here is our rooster, he has been working on the vegetable patch eating weeds and worms. Having the time of their life now that the can run around free. Soon they´ll have to be locked up, when the seeds go into the ground.


Our new organic de-weeding units perform very well, they eat almost everything. They seem to have a preference for rotten fruits and dandelion, which is good we have lots of that. They also really liked rotten tomatoes. It became more fun to de-weed. Everything you pull out becomes a play, will it be eaten or not and with what amount of enthusiasm. And most of the time it will be eaten. For the maximum amount of excitement and running about, I throw in some snails in the coop.

Here is the business end of the de-weeder.

Doing very well too are the poppies, we have had tons of flowers, and now we have tons of seed pods. Not only we can get opium (biological!) from the seed-pots, which is nice,  but we can also use the seeds for baking and poppyseed oil. These large amount of poppies do attract some unwanted visitors tough.

Unwanted visitors.

Tomorrow we get two chickens, who are going to be our gardeners. Also they have to take care of leftover food and produce an egg or two in the mean time. Mrs wife is not completly conviced about this project, but Sebastián can’t wat until the chickens arrive.

This is the arc we made for them, it is also called a chicken tractor. The Idea is that every couple of days we place the arc at a new spot so they can eat, scratch the soil and poo throughout the garden. Leaving me more time to lay in the hammock, which is something I have not done much this year.

I’ve made the arc using leftover wood from the atelier and a couple of old window frames. Most of the parts are recycled or just thing that I allready had laying aroud gathering dust.

Note the retractable ramp so the chickens are safe at night, I can pull a string on the side and the ramp goes up.